Become A Lingerie Model

Lingerie modeling has become a popular sector of the modeling industry. Dating back to ancient times, lingerie has been helping women to both embrace and flatter their bodies and since the 19th century it has been displayed on the bodies of beautiful women worldwide to assist in retailers' sells.

Anyone interested in becoming a lingerie model should be confident in their skin and comfortable being seen in next to nothing by the public. They should also be aware that while a pretty face and a beautiful body go a long way, a great personality and passion are required attributes, as the road to fame in the fashion industry consists of hard work and long hours. Especially when you are making a name for yourself.

Though clothing modeling can be a great gateway to becoming a lingerie model, there are casting calls and companies that focus exclusively on lingerie sells. Keep an eye out for these opportunities.Victoria's Secret, the largest American lingerie retailer, established an elite group of contracted models in the nineties. Among them were supermodels Tyra Banks and Gisele Bundchen. The Victoria's Secret Angels (as they are called) are among the highest earning lingerie models in the business and walk the runway annually in the company's fashion show. An open call "angel search" takes place in the months preceding the show and a fresh new face gets to strut the runway too, which is another terrific opportunity to jump straight into the world of being a lingerie model.

Most lingerie models got their start by doing fashion modeling, then easing into swimsuit and lingerie photo shoots. Breaking into the fashion industry is a matter of being discovered. Living in a location that is in the midst of the modeling world - such as New York City or Los Angeles - will make finding and attending casting calls,as well as making connections with those in the industry, easier. A modeling portfolio is also essential to landing jobs, and you can create yours by having a friend or photographer take a good amount of headshots and full body shots for you. These shots should also be saved to a computer for applying to modeling agencies online. Many potential lingerie models are scammed when starting out. Avoid being scammed by applying to reputable agencies and never paying an agency to work for them. The most reputable modeling agencies include Elite Modeling and Ford models, which have employed some of the biggest names in the modeling industry, including many of the Victoria's Secret Angels. You can apply to either of these agencies by visiting their websites to fill out an application and upload your photos.


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